Doula and calmbirth practitioner


Looking for a Positive Birth Experience?

Kim Graham is a Sydney based Doula and a registered calmbirth® practitioner, she is also qualified as a childbirth & Early Parenting Educator.  As a Mum with a knowledge and fascination with the wonders of childbirth – Kim is passionate about supporting women and their families throughout pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.


As your Doula, Kim would provide continuous emotionally and physical support, throughout your pregnancy, labour and post-natal period (This service is non-medical). Kim will support and encourage you to have the birth you desire, this could be a natural birth or a birth where you choose pain relief – it is all about you.

Whatever setting you choose, that being a public or private hospital or a home birth.

Kim will also provide support for your partner and believes strongly that their role is crucial in a positive birth experience. See Dads / Partner role


Do you have fears about the birth of your baby, hearing lots of stories,  that in some cases are all about c-sections and epidurals?

Calmbirth® is a form of childbirth education, it teaches you the birth process as natural and with trust and knowledge (in normal circumstances) you can achieve the birth that you dream of.

Calmbirth® encourages you to use your inner resources with tools that you possess such as breathing visualisation and relaxation and how hormones are your helpers.  This will eliminate your fear which will eliminate the fight – flight response.

Calmbirth ® is great for your partners as it gives them the knowledge of the birth process so they can support you and not try to rescue you, the knowledge gives them the confidence to say yes you can do this .  What a wonderful start for  you and your family

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